Guadalupe Plata – Guadalupe Plata (2013) Review

Guadalupe Plata S:T

If you are a fan of The Black Keys or Coachwhips, then this is for you.

Everlasting Records, 2013

8.5 / 10

In 2008, this Spanish trio of rockers released their debut EP: Guadalupe Plata.  After following that with a split release, Guadalupe Plata released their first full length LP in 2011: Guadalupe Plata.  Now they have their newest album out, and obviously, it too is called Guadalupe Plata.  Despite this media player nightmare Guadalupe Plata have created, their 2013 release is the best blues rock album released so far this year.

While the album opens with some sparse electric guitar reminiscent of an older western movie, once the bass and drums kick in, the songs begin to really groove.  Guadalupe Plata keep this style sound throughout — funkier bass lines, fuzzy and distorted guitar tracks, drumming which tends to shy from being the center of attention, and vocals which appear to have their roots drawn somewhere between the blues and garage rock.

An album is always its strongest when it is able to hold a uniform sound throughout while allowing all of the tracks to still be unique, not bleed together, and have standout moments.  This album comes close to achieving this structure.  While Guadalupe play with a pretty distinctive sound throughout, they do a fantastic job at pacing by both weaving slower songs in with the upbeat songs all while dispersing instrumental tracks between those with vocals.

Overall, since finding this album I have been wanting to dig through their catalog of older music.  This was a great addition to 2013 and I would not be surprised if this album ends up on my year-end list.  If you are a fan of The Black Keys or Coachwhips, then this is for you. 

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