The Howling Hex’s New Video Pits Kurt Cobain Against George W. Bush

The Howling Hex sends in the “Primetime Clown”.

Out now is The Best of The Howling Hex, a collection cited as the very best songs that Neil Michael Hagerty has recorded with his post–Royal Trux outfit. Now Hagerty has revealed a video for the song, “Primetime Clown”, that pits Kurt Cobain against George W. Bush in a boxing match. It must be seen to be believed.

Hagerty on the video:

Bush and Cobain bear no personal malice towards one another—they are merely gladiators forced to fight in order to maintain the balance of energy in the engine room of the cosmos, to perpetuate what the French call “Destin des Fous,” or Fools’ Destiny.

On the identity of the “Primetime Clown”:

Well, we’ve all been there—it just refers to that phase in a person’s life when they feel that their issues are so intense and interesting that they would be worthy of a partially scripted reality show.

The Howling Hex Primetime Clown video

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