Brazos Takes Us Back To Elementary School Art w/ New Video

Brazos breaks out the crayons and paint for “How the Ranks Was Won” video.

Brazos has announced they will release their second full-length, Saltwater, on May 28th through Dead Oceans. They’ve released the creative video for “How the Ranks Was Won”.

Frontman Martin Crane explains the song:

“‘How the Ranks Was Won’ is about a kid who finds the empty ship his ancestors came over on which is now a ghost ship. He boards it, and takes it back. It’s about taking charge of your memory and your past. I thought it would be funny to do that in modern life. In the video I get a text message from a memory (or maybe my cell phone is secretly trying to control me?), it consumes me, I ride the dreamworld, I come back, then the dreamworld rides me.”

Crane on the video:

“It’s the first time I’ve ever made any kind of video/film/moving image, and I wanted to make something so saturated with messages that the viewer has to decide which message to pay attention to. I like the idea that it can be unpacked in slow motion. In this way it is interactive – you can explore it. I think this video is really fun, mostly. 2 alligators and 2 babies in a 4 way kiss. Emoji faces in the sky. A cat that cries its body. Me fainting from a text message. A face made of an ice cream cone. It’s silly.”

Crane on the album, Saltwater:

“Most of my good friends had moved away. I was working at a phone bank and I was hanging out in bars a lot. I’d lost touch with the meaningful things. I think this record is about learning how to be alone. It’s an odyssey out into deep solitude in order to really get a grasp of myself. And I think that’s how it’s spiritual. You can’t actually love anything if you need it.”

Brazos Saltwater

Saltwater Track Listing
Always On
How the Ranks Was Won
One Note Pillow
Deeper Feelings
Long Shot

02/22/13 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
03/13/13 – Austin, TX – SXSW
03/14/13 – Austin, TX – SXSW
03/15/13 – Austin, TX – SXSW
03/16/13 – Austin, TX – SXSW
04/16/13 – Brooklyn, NY – Cameo Gallery*
04/23/13 – Brooklyn, NY – Cameo Gallery*
04/30/13 – Brooklyn, NY – Cameo Gallery*
05/07/13 – Brooklyn, NY – Cameo Gallery*

* = Residency

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