A Night of Seduction Turns Deadly in T∑∆CH∑RS New Video

There are worse things than catching VD from escorts in T∑∆CH∑RS new video.

T∑∆CH∑RS, the project of musician Ben Bronfman, has released a slight NSFW video for the song, “Crøssed Out”. In case, Bronfman’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he worked with Kanye West and contributed to his single “Monster” featuring Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Bon Iver. His video for “Crøssed Out” features what appears to be a sexy pair of ladies from an escort service, except they turn out to be deadly assassins.

This first video for Crøssed Out, is the first of a series to be released in coming months. It was directed by Bruno Ilgoti. Expect more news on Bronfman’s project in the coming months.


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