Eat Skull Take Us On a Acid-Fueled Journey in New Video

Eat Skull show us just how fun acid can be.

Portland, Oregon-based garage psych pop band Eat Skull released its third album, the appropriately titled III, this week through Woodsist. To celebrate the album dropping, the band have created a video for the woozy single, “How Do I Know When To Say Goodnight?”. The video features a couple of chicks zoinked out of their brains as they stumble through the streets through cartoon doodles and various weirdos. Looks like the aftermath of using acid to me. And in case you were wondering if aliens exist, they do and they play keyboard in cemeteries.

Eat Skull III

Eat Skull
Street Date: February 19, 2013

1. Space Academy
2. Dead Horses
3. How Do I Know When To Say Goodnite?
4. Your Hate
5. Stupid Moon
6. Twin Sikk Moons
7. They Burned You
8. Summer Inside
9. Amnesty Box
10. Catch Em Before They Vanish

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