Shoegaze Is Overrated; Try Snatchgaze Instead

Tosh.0 shows which part of the female anatomy works best for a guitar pick.

Tosh.0 continues not to disappoint this season, and now he’s seemingly introduced viewers to a new genre that can only be described as SNATCHGAZE. Let’s see My Bloody Valentine pull this one off…on second thought, snatch and bloody really aren’t two things I like to think of together. My personal favorite comment of the video on YouTube: thats how i lube´╗┐ up my fretboards. to hell with finger ease. vag juice all the way. Now that’s classy. My second favorite YouTube comment: Worst´╗┐ guitar player ever. Someone actually took the clip serious enough to judge it based on her guitar playing skill.

asian guitar vag tosh.0

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