The Aprons Video for “SoundStain” Ends With A Red Stain

The Aprons deliver dream pop from the forest.

The Aprons are a dream pop duo made up of members: Hava (drums, vocals) and Talia (Bass, vocals). Together they create an enchanting sound reminiscent of such acts as Mazzy Star and Beach House. However, those bands cannot match the backstory for The Aprons, who met while escaping the great avalanche of 1805. It was during that moment that the duo said goodbye to their families of Siberian wolves. Any puzzled readers out there? I’m just going by the press release. Anyway, watch their video for their debut single, “SoundStain”, that ends with a stain of red on the forest’s ground.

Director Liran Goldberg on the video:

“The concept came from the thought of taking the femininity and gentleness of the female pair and give it a visual interpretation to a world that everything feels organic yet fragile. From this concept I thought to film everything in the forest and wrap it with crystal made animals, where the hunters emphasize the conflict. The making of the video took a year to realize, with a crew of 40 animators that volunteered for the project.”

“SoundStain” appears on the band’s debut album, Sound Stains, available via their Bandcamp. Follow the band on Facebook.

The Aprons Soundstain Video

Download: “SoundStain”

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