Dan Friel’s Breathtaking “Thumper” Gets A Video

Dan Friel’s song, “Thumper”, continues to amaze us, just visually this time.

Former Brooklyn noise-rock collective Parts & Labor member Dan Friel will release a new solo album, Total Folklore, on February 19th through Thrill Jockey Records. He’s released the experimental noise conundrum that is “Thumper”. Prepare yourself, it’s amazing.

Dan Friel

Friel on the assembly process:

“I assembled some simple music boxes that play a continuous loop of “Thumper” (a song on the new album). It’s something I’ve been meaning to try since visiting this place (Museum Speelklok) a few years ago: http://www.museumspeelklok.nl. Each box is mounted on a metal can (mostly olive oil so far – it’s a good shape) to make it resonate louder, and the physical loops are made out of assorted funky plastics from the Canal Plastics scrap bin.”

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