Mitzi – Truly Alive Review

Mitzi Truly Alive

Mitzi present us with serviceable indie electro-pop.

Future Classic, 2013

5.6 / 10

Brisbane’s Mitzi have shared the stage with such artists as Yelle and Neon Indian, and their music fits the bill of electronic based pop. The four-piece made their debut in 2011 with the EP, All I Heard, and while that release may be the only thing you’ve heard of the band, they’re back with a full-length, Truly Alive. Such a title would imply an album bursting with enthusiasm; a feeling of indestructible confidence. Yet what listeners actually get is an album of dance floor jams for the broken hearted.

Mitzi’s arrangements are serviceable enough — they bounce and are ingrained with a party-bred demeanor; essentially 80s synth pop but with a focused attention on the club. The songs are dressed in percussion and keyboard as the shirt and pants while guitars work as the outfit’s accessories — glow rings and puffed up caps. “Can’t Change Her” has a funky charm that is chiefly indebted to its confident, smooth percussion rather than its minimal bass licks.

Mitzi’s most WOW-worthy moment comes from “On My Mind”, a safari inspired jam that’s instantly catchy and maintains its upbeat performance throughout. Elsewhere, Mitzi seem to be taking many of their cues from Tanlines’ excellent Mixed Emotions from last year, aiming for somber reflections while keeping the background energetic. Unfortunately, they do not pull it off as well as Tanlines, not even coming close to that band’s emotional dexterity.

Mitzi come up flat on passion in the electro breakup song, “Like It Was”. The lyrics come very close to letters I received in high school, written in a subtext of ‘let’s stay friends’ or ‘I just want to find myself first’ or some other lame attempt of dramatic effect. When the band tries for swoony cupid-pierced jams, it’s like getting a boxed heart of chocolates without the chocolates inside. Mitzi do show promise, ending their album with an exclamation point (“The End”) rather than a period. I just wish there was more substance throughout.

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“All I Heard”

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