Listen to Mogwai’s “Wizard Motor” from Les Revenants‘ Soundtrack

Mogwai Les Revenants

Mogwai soundtrack a French supernatural television series.

Sub Pop will release Mogwai’s soundtrack for Les Revenants, a French supernatural television series, on February 26th in North America and February 25th in Europe through the band’s label, Rock Action. Listen to a track from the soundtrack, “Wizard Motor”, below.

Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite on the project:

“We were actually big fans of the director Fabrice Gobert’s film Simon Werner a disparu, which had a soundtrack by Sonic Youth, and we found the story for Les Revenants incredibly interesting.”

Les Revenants is the most popular TV series in Canal + history; adapted from the eponymous Robin Campillo-directed 2004 film, the series unfolds in an isolated French mountain town, where the locals are troubled after children who were tragically killed in a bus crash appear to come back to life, unaware that they’d died. A wonderfully captured perennial sense of unease and limbo sustains throughout each episode, with dully lit scenes and a sparsely-set location adding to the atmosphere.

Braithwaite on the score:

“The tension is in the story already so, with that in mind, all we felt necessary was to add to the atmosphere. This definitely made the music more subdued than a normal Mogwai record, where the atmosphere is needed to be created completely by the music.”

Les Revenants Soundtrack
Sub Pop
February 26th, 2013

Track Listing:
1. Hungry Face
2. Jaguar
3. The Huts
4. Kill Jester
5. This Messiah Needs Watching
6. Whisky Time
7. Special N
8. Relative Hysteria
9. Fridge Magic
10. Portugal
11. Eagle Tax
12. Modern
13. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?
14. Wizard Motor

And watch the teaser trailer for the film. I’d explain what’s going on, but I don’t speak French.

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