Fresh Wax: Arc and Stones

Arc and Stones

Build some Fresh Wax to Arc and Stones.

From Brooklyn, NY comes rock foursome Arc and Stones with their debut self-titled EP.  Their sound ranges from bludgeoning blues riffs like something from a Spoon record but their choruses are more memorable and energetic like a Foo Fighters-esque anthem.  Singer Dan Pellarin comes off powerful yet honest with lyrics like “I could run / I could hide / Though I stare down the voices that eat me inside” that appear on the instant classic “Silence.”

Arc and Stones prove that they will have a lot to offer to the rock scene in years to come.  With the help of producer Jeremy Griffith (Saosion, Underoath) they have crafted a sound that is based in 90s revival but looking forward to a more dramatic arena-rock scale.  “Say Goodbye” features stellar guitar work from lead guitarist Ben Cramer and a high speed outro with Pellarin wailing soulfully over the heavy progression.  This EP is sure to be entertaining and memorable and hopefully just the beginning for Arc and Stones.  Look for it February 12th.

Watch the video for “Silence” below and visit the guys on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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