Speck Mountain – Badwater Review

Speck Mountain Badwater

I wouldn’t drink that water, man. It’s, uh…yeah.

Carrot Top, 2013

6.1 / 10

The most frustrating part about the psych-rock that Speck Mountain play is how effective they are in one style and how determined they are to not stick to their strengths. Badwater is made up of two kinds of songs. The first are those that see the band find, and rock, a groove for several minutes at a time. Then there are the brief tracks that are on here for little discernible purpose.

The former make the album worth checking out even if they are outnumbered by the latter. Stuff like the title track and “Slow So Long” especially make Badwater a decent listen. Why the tracks of such measurably lesser quality like “Caught Up” and “Young Eyes” are on Badwater makes no sense to me. Play to your strengths, Speck Mountain, unless I turn out to be the only person with these problems; though, that doesn’t seem likely.

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