Fresh Wax: Guillotine Riot

Guillotine Riot

Fresh Wax looks at porno punk band Guillotine Riot.

Earbuddy is geared to music lovers of all kinds, but it’s easier for me to imagine our target audience as hormone-crazed youngsters. Well, have I got the band for you! Dubbed as ‘porno punk rockers’, Guillotine Riot are stealing hearts and hymen busting with their brand of indie rock. The band most recently released the Violent Sex EP, filled with all kinds of stories of debauchery and fun times.


Set to record their debut album later this year with the legendary Steve Albini, the band are shocking audiences with their brash and quite salty songwriting while sticking to indie rock fundamentals.

Says the band:

We’re failures at Normal Life.

We left behind rebellion and drinking and fucking and drugs in our teenage years and settled down with a responsible young spouse in the suburbs — but we didn’t get it right. Maybe because that sucks anyway…

So we divorced our better-halves (a couple of them actually), moved back to the city, indulged our long-lost vices and formed a band to spread our ‘Gospel of Sexual Debauchery’.

Terrible Choice:

How can you not love the band’s own description or this music? It’s refreshing to have this much attitude and sexual deviance in indie rock’s hipster goody two shoes present state. Love that album art too.

guillotine riot the violent sex ep

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