Triple Hex – E.P. Review

Triple Hex E.P.

It’s dark alright; unfortunately just a little late for Halloween.

Mon Amie Records, 2013

4.5 / 10.0

Brooklyn’s Triple Hex was founded by guitarist and lead singer Dave Hex in the early oughts, releasing the rockabilly tinged Phantom Highway 13 EP in 2006. The band went through a couple lineup changes before enlisting Miss Chip on 60s electric organ and Jill on drums to release their self titled full length LP. The band’s lineup has remained the same since 2008. Triple Hex has returned this year with E.P., a six song collection sitting somewhere on the continuum between the gloom psychedelia of San Francisco groups like Thee Oh Sees and modern day Nick Cave. This music is the sort of apocalyptic Americana that might have found a home on the soundtrack to Lost Highway. Triple Hex bring somewhat thin arrangements around Dave’s five hundred pound lead vocals (think Peter Steele from Type O Negative).

The release’s six songs would have made a fair base for a longer play album, but are somewhat weakened by sitting together in this collection. There are many aural differences between the tracks and none of them seem to cull the power necessary to remain memorable in their own right. Without any inner dynamic, E.P. opens itself to the kind of criticism that Tom Waits has seen repeatedly over the last ten years as being ‘kitschy’. The driving guitar on “Viking Funeral” and “That Ain’t Enough” would probably save the band this fate, if they were just a bit stronger and dominated more of the sound. Unfortunately, the gallows humor of “Lovesong” (I don’t want any love songs. I just wanna fuck.) will probably stand as the record’s most memorable moment. I would be interested in hearing Triple Hex put together a full record and spend a little more time filling out their sound or trying to shake things up a bit more. Until then, E.P. is a solid ‘pass’.

Key Tracks:
“Viking Funeral”
“That Ain’t Enough”

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