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Bloody Amateur Andy Comer

Andy Comer is Bloody Amateur (in name only)

Former Tel Aviv and Prosaics member Andy Comer has announced his new project Bloody Amateur. On March 5th he will release his self-titled debut album under the new monicker through Teen Beat. Inspired by the Feelies, Colin Newman, Felt, Unrest, the Chills, Roy Montgomery, and the Go-Betweens, as well as by many artists from Comer’s native Louisville, Kentucky, he’s fully reenergized by the new project. Download the album’s first single, “Companions”, below.

Download: Bloody Amateur – “Companions”

Bloody Amateur Tracklisting:
1. That’s No Reason
2. Companions
3. Shed Some Weight
4. It’s a Toxic Thing
5. There’s a Time
6. Smell of you
7. Buffoons
8. The Light
9. What She’s After
10. Ever After

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