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The Foreign Films

The Foreign Films is the project of singer/songwriter Bill Majoros. Recently inspired by a trip to the UK, Majoros has taken a new approach to recording music by allowing his creativity to flow freely. Recording for many years now while amassing quite a discography available on Bandcamp, the singer/songwriter found himself working toward a new album but also taking the time to record singles in between. Most recently he released a new two-song single, “Sweet Sorrow” / “You Were My Summer Sun”, influenced by his love for 60s Britpop and American West Coast music. It’s this release that has caught our ears and turned us onto the music of The Foreign Films.

Sweet Sorrow / You Were My Summer Sun by The Foreign Films

Bill Majoros on the new single:

I’m always trying to connect to dots from the past to the present and onward into the future. I love the sounds of yesterday but always need to put my own spin on it to create something brand new. Subsequently, the tunes share the same carefully constructed arrangements of the past couple of releases; the songs do come alive in the details. They are puzzle pieces that will eventually reveal a larger body of work.

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