GANGI – gesture is Review

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The ‘gesture is’ a thumbs up for GANGI’s sophomore effort.

Office of Analogue and Digital, 2012

6.8 / 10.0

GANGI’s sophomore album, gesture is, is creative enough to thwart simple categorization. The one time solo project of Matt Gangi (now duo with Eric Chramosta) flies through a variety of musical spectrums, seemingly collecting bits and pieces along the way. A short summation would be to describe GANGI as psychedelic with elements of electronic rock. GANGI round it out with touches on pop music, a dab of hip hop inspired beats, and even a moment of gospel choir.

If grab bag variety isn’t what you’re seeking — think the multi-faceted work of Spiritualized — the gesture is STOP (open palm facing forward), and go listen to something else. GANGI have thrown together an inventive, gapless mix with a cavalcade of psych rock, effects, and random voices that totally aroused my boner usually reserved for Dark Sid of the Moon. “Got what I need / Need to believe”, sings Matt Gangi on “Perfect Citizen” in what could be a throwaway line, but here, it captures the attitude of the gesture is; buy into its spirit, and you will be rewarded.

“Outside Ones”, my new addition to a late night mix, has a mysterious bass heavy vibe, just a slight baring of fangs while remaining soulful with falsetto backing vocals. While gesture is is constructed with diverse sounds most casual listeners are not accustomed to, they’re not above a simple pop song, the stunning “Gold” that serves as a commentary on economic crisis and revolution with a population rising up to the wealthy. “Hey, put your hands up / Give me your gold”, sings Gangi while stuttering the ‘gold’ in a likeable and catchy delivery. It’s refreshing to hear that even among its whirling musical atmosphere, Matt Gangi never forces his melodies into the backgrounds. The gesture is a thumbs up from me.

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